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Employee of the Month: Andrew B.

Andrew B., aka Kandy, grew up in Livingston. Hs spirit animal is a panda, because they’re chill. When he’s not working he loves to be outside. He’s a member of #teamsavory and his favorite Nova meal is the Breakfast Burrito. Wise beyond his years, he is a critical-thinker,  innovative problem solver and work horse. He is self-motivated, positive, intelligent, thorough, funny, fun and a fountain of random and interesting facts. 

Employee of the month: Stacey

Stacey is new to our Nova family and has made quick work of learning the ropes. She can handle any rush, and she always finds time to be kind and gentle with guests and coworkers. Stacey’s spirit animal is a penguin because they embody her awkward humor and clumsy ways (her words, not ours.) Her favorite Nova meal is the Turkey Hash but she swings both ways between #teamsavory and #teamsweet.

Employee of the Month: Zach

Zach is a treasure in the kitchen. He works thoughtfully and carefully, and keeps us giggling. We adore his goofball humor, quick wit and optimistic attitude. His spirit animal is Seth Rogan, obvs. His favorite Nova meal is Biscuits & Gravy for Players, and he’s on #teamswavory, because... pineapple. When he’s not working at Nova, he plays guitar and collects wax from cheesewheels for his extensive wax statue collection. 

Employee of the Month: Wyatt

Wyatt is new to our Nova family, and he has delighted us all with his enthusiasm and dedication. He’s an eager beaver, and we’re all so proud of how quickly he’s learning and growing with us. Wyatt’s kind, positive energy uplifts coworkers and guests alike. His spirit animal is a golden retriever, because they’re smart and loyal. He’s from Alaska (not Canada as many assume.) 

Employee of the Month: Charlie C.

Charlie “BOH” Carpenter is a gentleman and a scholar. His spirit animal is an owl, because they’re rad-tastic. He started with us at the Nova Café as a “hydra-ceramic technician” and was quickly promoted to prep cook. Over the span of his employment, Charlie has shown an outstanding work ethic and passion to learn. Charlie is a brilliant young man with a shining future in front of him.


Employee of the Month: Mike


Mike started in the kitchen at Nova and is now Executive Chef for all of our restaurants. His spirit animal is a snow goose because they are wise, patient, and sensitive leaders. His favorite Nova meal is the Korean BBQ Burger and he’s almost always #teamsavory.

Employee of the month: Jans

Jans is a new addition to the team at Nova but no stranger to us, having previously worked at our sister restaurant Feed Cafe. His spirit animal is a labrador retriever, because they are easily distracted, enthusiastic eaters and the epitomy of goofy. His fave dish is the Tom Avo on rye - he’s #teamsavory all the way.

Employee of the month: Lindsay

Lindsay is a firecracker. She’s got sugar AND swagger, and she can work a room like no one else. Her spirit animal has the head of a bird (head always in the clouds), the body of a cat (agile) and the heart of a sloth (goofy.) When she’s not working, she’s knitting, playing outside, writing short stories or hanging with her cat Edgar McWinklebean.